Coming soon to a car park near you!
Redefining what it means to be a morris tart, Borderline Morris defy death, convention,
speed cameras and basic physics with our unique, exciting performances.

Border morris with a difference - if Cromwell was still around he'd definitely ban it!

Borderline was created in late 2007 using only three pipe cleaners, a plastic bottle and some old buttons.

We practice in Arborfield, south of Reading, on a wednesday night, but we come from far and wide
- you are never more than 12 feet away from a Borderliner! We would love to hear from men and
women interested in dancing and/or playing in our friendly group. To get in touch please
email Jen at

What people say about Borderline:

'It's a bit like morris dancing isn't it?'
'You're the youngest morris dancers I've ever seen!'
'Eeh, y'don't arf look queer!'
'Magnificent orange thighs!


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So good they named it twice!

if you are looking for our eponymous friends Borderline Morris from Devon, you can find them here.


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